DIY Stitched Dimensional Flower Picture!

Posted by Meghan Quinones

Do you remember plastic canvas? I remember using this crafty supply with yarn when I was younger. I used it to learn the art of stitching and counting. There were countless summer visits to my aunt's house as a child that ended up with a quick plastic canvas craft of either a heart or butterfly design. I have not used plastic canvas since I was probably 9 years old. Let's just say it has been quite some time since I got crafty with this supply!

When I bought my sheet of plastic canvas, I knew I wanted to pair it with something other than yarn. I was playing around with some Maya Road Paper Twine, weaving it in and out of my plastic canvas. I snipped one of the ends off and began twisting it. The paper started to unravel and had such a cool look to it! After I saw how cool the paper looked, I started weaving my twine and unraveling the paper trying to come up with an idea. After playing around with my paper twine for a while, I thought it would look awesome to create dimensional flowers with my twine and add them to a frame. My flowers popped right out of my frame!

FYI...You can create this project in less than 30 minutes!

Did you use plastic canvas as a kid? What did you make?

Here's what you'll need:

Let's get crafty!

Cut your plastic canvas down to match the size of your frame glass.

Cut 5 pink paper twine pieces an inch and a half and cut 2 pieces of your orange paper twine so it is a half inch.

Weave a piece of orange twin through your canvas. Then, weave a piece of pink paper twine behind your orange twine. Repeat this step with another piece of orange and pink twine forming and 'X'. I added three additional pink pieces of paper twine to the center and upper right and left open squares. This helped fill in my flower design. I followed the smae steps to add two additional flowers to my plastic canvas.

Use your fingers to unravel the paper twine. It helps to roll the twine between your fingers to loosen it. You will unravel both the pink and orange paper twine. You will unravel the remaining pieced of paper twine on your canvas.

Cut a long piece of green paper twine. Start at the bottom center of your flower, weaving your twine in and out. Stop when you get to the bottom of your flower. Begin weaving your twin back down the stem of your flower until you get to the center. Weave your twine off to the right of your stem. Trim the end of your paper twine down and unravel it. Once it is unraveled, trim it into the shape of a leaf.

Continue the above steps with your other two flowers.

Use your canvas as a template to trim down your white cardstock to the same size. Remove the glass from your frame, add your canvas, place the white cardstock behond the canvas, and add the back of your frame.