DIY Stenciled Produce Bag

Posted by Meghan Quinones

We are in the age of reuse and recycle. When you head out to the grocery store, you typically accumulate quite a few plastic bags from even just a small trip. In keeping true to the reuse and recycle mantra, why not grab a reusable produce bag that can be customized!

I love when we run blank canvases, whether it be totes, t-shirts, chef hats, or bags. Blank canvases mean one thing; customization! I grabbed the Aunt Martha's Produce Bag and decided to stencil it. I used a 6x6 stencil from the Crafter's Workshop in the mini rosetta shape. To really give my bag some pizzazz, I used two different colors of Martha Stewart Pearl Acrylic Paints. These paints give off a pearl sheen, which is so pretty!

Would you leave your produce bag black or decorate it?

Here's what you'll need:

Let's get crafty!

If your bag is wrinkled, run an iron over it. You will then need to slide a piece of cardboard inside of your bag (this will protect the paint from seeping through to the other side). Grab your stencil and spray the back of it with your adhesive. Lay your stencil on your bag. Press down on it to make sure it is stuck to your bag. Grab your light blue paint and begin daubing paint on the inner circle of your stencil.

Grab your light green paint and begin filling in the outer part of your stencil. Be extra careful when you are going over the design that is right up against the light blue paint. You do not want your paint to go over this section.

Move your stencil to the side of your bag. You want your stencil hanging off of your bag. Be sure to put a piece of cardboard or paper under the part of your stencil hanging off of your bag. Begin filling in your stencil again with your paint.

Continue moving your stencil around your bag until it is covered with your stencil design. Let your paint dry. Once it is dry, you are ready to go shopping!