DIY Shrinky Dink Planner Accessories

Posted by Chrissie Tobas
Learn how to create cute DIY planner accessories using Shrinky Dinks and your favorite stamps.

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Supplies You Will Need:

Shrinky Dinks (or Shrink Plastic)
Paper Clips, Binder Clips or Hinge Clips
Staz On Ink (Jet Black)
Glue Gun
Glue Sticks
Penny Black Stamp Set (Hugs)
Spectrum Noir Markers (or other markers, colored pencils) TN3, TN8, IG3, IG6, DR5, CT4, CR4
Spatula Tool

To start, I stamped a few images from a Penny Black Hugs set onto the FRONT side of the shrinky dink. The directions say to only color on the back (the dull side). I used StazOn Jet Black ink, so I knew that it would be OK on the shiny front.

You can see I stamped three different images. Keep in mind you have the let the StazOn dry for a few minutes, since the surface is pretty slick.

Now it's time to color! I used Spectrum Noir markers. You can use colored pencils or other alcohol markers if you prefer. Flip the shrinky dink over and color on the back, which is the dull side. It might look really light, but that's OK. You can see more detail with light colors once it's shrunk down. I purposely colored in the cat in a darker grey, to show how some detail is lost.

Tip: I placed a scrap piece of paper down to protect my surface, just in case the front side wasn't 100% dry. StazOn will stain your surface if you don't protect it; it's permanent and formulated to be that way!

Now, cut them out! If you are planning on punching a hole or stringing them on anything, make sure you leave an extra spot for that and then punch it as soon as it's cut out. I didn't need a hole anywhere on these, so I just left a little space around the edges.

Here comes the fun part! It's time to shrink them! You can place them in the oven (follow the directions on the packet) or just use a heat gun. I opted for the heat gun since I'm impatient. I hit each one with the heat and then kind of flattened them out with a spatula tool. You can hold them with tweezers or use whatever method you want to flatten them a little bit. If you bake them in the oven, they flatten themselves out. I've found that they need a little bit of help when you're using the heat gun!

See how small they are now???? Just grab binder clips or paper clips and decide which shinky is going on which piece!

I used a hot glue gun to adhere them together. Just remember to make sure your binder clip will still open; add your shrinky dink a bit closer to the top portion. Otherwise, it will hinder the clip from opening.

Voila! Here they are, just sitting on a planner page, waiting to be used! These would also make great bookmarks. And.. this would be a fun Kid's Craft to make at a birthday party or on a rainy day!

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