DIY Plastic Animal Ornaments

Posted by Katie King
Learn how to transform plastic animals into whimsical DIY ornaments for your Christmas tree.

One tradition that has been in my family for many years, is making new ornaments for the Christmas tree! Now having this tradition is really fun because it so neat to look at the individual ornaments and remember all those memories that you have about making that particular ornament.

This year I wanted to make an ornament which was cute, funny and a bit on the recycle side. Meaning, that some part of the ornament would be a bit recycled. So after some thinking and doodling, I decided to create these fun plastic animal ornaments!

These plastic animal ornaments were so much fun and EASY to make! The hardest part of the whole project was deciding how to decorate each one. So if you're looking for that easy peasy lemon squeezy holiday project, then this one is definitely for you!

Getting down to meat and potatoes of this project, I used plastic dinosaurs to create my ornaments. However, you could use any type of plastic animal that you have on hand. Just make sure that their not too big because you will be adding embellishments. These embellishments could make your ornament ''heavy'', so it's best to pick a small plastic animal to begin with.

Now the embellishments that I'm using for this project are small and were probably originally designed to be used in either dioramas or doll-houses. For example, I used tiny trees, mini presents and tiny string lights. However, when gathering up your small embellishments for this project, think about using items such as decorative buttons or charms as well. For instance this pack of present buttons or this pack of gingerbread buttons, would be perfect for this project.

To find out how to turn your plastic animals into fun holiday ornament, just check out the full tutorial below!


  • Plastic Animals
  • Awl
  • Eye Pins
  • Martha Stewart Satin Paint ( I used Habanero and Mint )
  • Glitter Glue
  • Paintbrush
  • Scissors
  • Pliers
  • E6000
  • Gold String
  • Small Decorate Christmas Theme Items (like buttons, charms, bells, etc)

Take one of your plastic animals and poke a hole in either its back or head using your awl.

Cut down your eye pin with your pliers and add some E6000 to the bottom of the pin. Then place the eye pin in the hole you just made using your awl. Once you're happy with the placement, set your plastic animal aside to dry.

Using your acrylic paint and glitter glue, jazz up your plastic animal by painting on a Christmas sweater. When you're happy with your animal's look, set it aside to dry.

Gather up your small embellishments (like mini trees, presents, etc.) and begin playing around with how you want your ornament to look. This is the time to really get creative with how your plastic animal is designed! For example, above I used a plastic dinosaur for my ornament. As you can see his hands are naturally sticking out, which make them perfect for holding a present! So I ended up applying some E6000 to each of his hands and place the present in between them.

Once you're done gluing on your embellishments, set your ornament aside to dry.

When your ornament it completely dry, thread some string through your eye pin (to create a loop) and tie a knot.

When you've tied off your string, you're ready to add your new ornament to the tree!

I just loved how these little ornament turned out! My favorite one is definitely the herbivore dinosaur who is carrying the Christmas tree (see what I did there)! This DIY would also make a great holiday project to either do with the kids (that is supervised) or with a group of your friends!

So do you like making holiday ornaments?