DIY Pineapple Specimen Artwork

Posted by Meghan Quinones

Isn't it funny how we see objects, animals, etc. on Pinterest and Etsy and all of the sudden find ourselves instantly in-love with foxes, owls, arrows, geometric patterns, and pineapples. Okay, so pineapples may not be as popular as the other aforementioned objects, but who doesn't love a pineapple? I know I do!

Last time we ran these adorable chipboard pineapples, I picked them up because I thought they would be a nice addition to a fringed banner I wanted to make. Well, when they arrived, they were much smaller than I had anticipated (I know, I am on a roll this week with misreading labels/descriptions - let's not forget the candlestick debacle.). Being that these pineapples were much too small for my banner idea, I came up with a fun way to incorporate them into a piece of artwork. I have seen other specimen artwork using butterflies and even hot air balloons (true story!). So, I figured a pineapple specimen artwork piece would be just as cute, if not cuter! With a little glitter and some patterned papers I transformed my boring brown pineapples into a colorful statement piece!

What would you have made with these adorable little chipboard pineapples?

Here's what you'll need:

Let's get crafty!

Line the bottom part of your pineapple up with your paper and trace around it with your pencil.

Cut out your pineapple.

Put a layer of Mod Podge on the top part of your pineapple.

Pour a generous layer of glitter on top of your Mod Podge. Tap off any excess glitter.

Put a layer of Mod Podge on the bottom of your pineapple and add your paper.

Since I wanted my background to be white, I took the back of my frame off and traced it on my white paper. I then glued my paper to the back.

Add two dimensional foam circles to the top and bottom of your pineapple.

Center two pineapples on your paper, placing one on top of the other.

Add your other 4 pineapples.