DIY Pearl and Crystal Bangle Bracelet

Posted by Adrianne Surian
Make your own beaded bangle bracelets using basic wire wrapping techniques and pearl and crystal beads!

Hey friends! I've got a project that's great for jewelry makers who want to get more practice with their wire wrapping skills. Today's pearl and crystal bracelet only takes a few supplies, and the wire wrapping technique is easy to learn!

Pair this crystal and beaded piece with basic bangles, or make up a stack in any color scheme you like! Classic pearls and crystals match any outfit, but any small beads work well in this DIY project.

Here's what you'll need:

  • 6mm pearl beads
  • 6mm glass crystal beads
  • Silver Memory Wire
  • 24 Gauge Sliver Plated Wire
  • Flush Cutters

Begin by cutting 2-3 coils of memory wire (alternately, you can use a heavy gauge wire 16 gauge or larger). Adjust it to your wrist size, and secure one end of the memory wire to the other coils with 24 gauge wire. Cut your 24 gauge wire long - you will want approximately 5 feet of 24 gauge wire for this project.

Wrap it tightly, forming neat coils.

When you have wrapped approximately 1/4 inch, thread a bead onto the 24 gauge wire. Position it at the outside of the memory wire, holding it in place as you continue wrapping the 24 gauge wire around the memory wire bangle. after wrapping another 1/4 inch, add another bead.

Continue around the bangle, adding beads at equal intervals. When you reach the beginning point of the bangle, wrap a second row over the original coils. Trim off the excess with flush cutters.

Tip: If you run out of wire as you work, you can overlap coils just as above to add additional wire. Trim away any excess and press edges down securely.

With a little bit of practice, you'll have neatly wrapped coils in no time! Wire wrapped jewelry is not only pretty but it's inexpensive to make as well. All you need is to set aside about 30 minutes to wrap each bangle!

Thanks for joining me for today's DIY jewelry project! Happy Crafting!

~ Adrianne