DIY Painted and Stamped Cork Trivet

Posted by Meghan Quinones

The other day when I was cooking (which clearly does not happen all that often), I realized I have no trivets! I wanted to place a pot on my counter and had to grab a dish towel. Yeah, not good. I recently moved, but as I think back to my old apartment, I can not recall ever seeing/using a trivet! I have to admit, it's a little embarrassing that I clearly have not had a need to use a trivet in at least 9 years. Yikes!

I was going to go buy a couple of trivets from the store, but decided I wanted to (of course) make one instead. I created an easy geometric pattern on my cork circle using painter's tape. It felt like it needed something else. So, I decided to use my Amy Tangerine Wooden Stamps to add "eat and be merry" to my cork. I took me a while to decided on what I wanted to stamp onto my cork, but I think the phrase I picked is very fitting; I am always merry when I eat. :)

Here's what you'll need:

- Large round cork piece

- Acrylic Paint (i used 3 colors)

- Painter's Tape (you could also use washi tape)

- Amy Tangerine Wooden Alpha and Number Stamps

- Ink Pad

- Paint Brush

Let's get crafty!

Use your painter's tape to create a design on your cork.

Start painting in the untaped sections on your cork.

Once all sections have been filled in, remove your tape and let your paint dry.

Use a piece of painter's tape as a guide to get your stamps straight (as you can see, I started at the end of my quote with no tape, hence it being a tad uneven!). Stamp whatever message you want on your cork. Once you are finished stamping you are all set with a new trivet. This would also make a nice shower, wedding, or anniversary gift! You could add the couple's initials with their wedding date!