DIY Octopus Straw Toppers

Posted by Andreja Vucajnk
Bring your next party to a whole new level with these adorable DIY octopus straw toppers kids can make.

Summer is the perfect time of the year to relax and have some fun. If you have a party scheduled during the summer break or if you are planning a ocean themed party these cute and easy to make octopus straw toppers will be a hit with your kids, well as long as you don't have a 100 guests on your list.

Ready to make a bunch of these?

Supplies | Shop the Post Below

  • orange construction paper
  • scissors or a circle punch
  • glue dots
  • stick glue
  • straws
  • black marker (optional)
  • googly eyes (optional)

Plus cups and delicious drinks, naturally!

Fold the orange paper in half (this way you will always get two circles that are the same size). If you have a punch, start punching those circles. If you will be using scissors, draw circles (use something small and round for a template) and cut the circles out. For each straw topper you will need two circles.

Now for each topper also cut 8 little tentacles. You can again make this a little bit quicker if you fold the paper before cutting it.

Once all the pieces are cut stick a pair of eyes on one of the circles, and with a glue stick glue the 8 tentacles on the other one. Let the glue set. Looking fun already, right?

Now comes the time for glue dots (handy little things). Place the straw in the middle of the circle with legs and put glue dots on the left and on the right of the straw (you can also secure the octopus to the straw by placing a glue dot on the straw).

Place the circle with the eyes on top of the circle with the tentacles and the straw and pinch on both sides for the glue dots to do their thing.

Make as many of these adorable octopus straw toppers as you need (they also make a pretty darn cute paper puppet don't they).