DIY No Sew Infinity Scarf

Posted by Meghan Quinones
You are just a few easy steps away from a new, trendy infinity scarf! This no sew tutorial will show you how.

Fall is starting to make its way into most of our lives. This means, pumpkins, falling leaves, and falling temperatures. I am not usually a happy camper when Fall rolls around because it means the season of darkness (dark mornings and dark nights). However, it is kind of fun to dust off your Fall fashion items and get them ready to wear again. This, I am usually okay with.

One Fall fashion must-have is a scarf, but not just any old scarf, an infinity scarf! If you are at all like me, you just haven't found the time, or the patience, to learning knitting (or crocheting for that matter!). I wanted to create a knitted scarf, but obviously have no knitting skills. So, I had to get creative!

The infinity scarf I created was seriously easy to make, especially if you are a non-knitter like myself. For this infinity scarf, all you need is an old sweater (maybe one you have outgrown, shrunk, or pick-up at a thrift store), fabric tape, and Fray Check. All you have to do is cut under the arms of the sweater to get the infinity scarf look and then use your fabric tape to fold under the edges. To finish the scarf, run some Fray Check over the ends to ensure your sweater does not unravel. That's it, folks! You are left with an adorable knitted infinity scarf that was not actually knitted. This scarf will keep your neck nice and warm the entire Fall season all the way into Winter!

Here's what you'll need:

  • Old Sweater (kids size for a smaller scarf, or an adult size for a larger scarf)
  • Fabric Tape
  • Fray Check

Let's get crafty!

This project is perfect for all of those wool sweaters you thought you could wash in the washing machine, but are now three sizes too small!

Don't be afraid to head to your local thrift store to find the perfect sweater looking for a new life!