DIY No-Sew Applique Pillows

Posted by Stephanie Chan
You can dress up some plain pillow forms with your own unique designs. No sewing machine required for this home decor DIY.

Do you have throw pillow covers that could use a little oomph? Or in my case, a little tear or stain? Dress them up with fabric and no-sew iron-on adhesive. Here's how I added some cute graphics to my boring pillow covers. You'll be learning some no-sew applique basics that you'll be able to apply to other projects as well.

Here's What You'll Need

Therm O Web Heat'n Bond Ultra Hold Iron-On Adhesive

Cotton fabric


Template for desired applique shape (you can also use your die cutter or electronic cutter)

Iron and ironing board

Plain pillow covers


Let's Get Crafty!

Cut out a piece of fabric and a piece of Heat'n Bond as large as you'd like your applique to be. Heat'n Bond has a paper side and a bumpy/shiny side. Fuse the Heat'n Bond to the wrong side of your fabric, paper side up. You should press for two seconds in one spot, and then move to another spot and repeat until you've fused the whole piece.

Now you're ready to cut out your applique in your desired method. You can stick this to your Cricut mat or run this through your die cutter (if you trim it down to fit) to cut out your shapes, or you can trace a template or free-hand a shape by drawing on the paper side. I free-handed this kitty silhouette.

Then cut it out with scissors.

Peel off the paper backing to reveal the shiny adhesive now fused to the fabric. If you're having trouble, rip the paper a little bit to get it started, without scrunching up the fabric too much.

Place your applique down on your pillow cover and smooth it down with your hands. Fuse your applique, again doing two seconds per spot. Then, turn your pillow cover over and fuse from the back. Check to make sure you got the whole applique; if not, go back and fuse those spots again with your iron. And that's pretty much it!

Next I had a pillow cover with some tears in it. So I cut out a large rectangle and fused that to the center of the pillow to cover them up. Then, I free-handed and cut out some letters to spell out Hello (since these pillows will go on our entryway bench). If you are cutting out letters, make sure to trace the mirror image!

I used a ruler to line up my letters in the center of my rectangle and fused them down as before.

These pillows are looking good on our bench in the entryway. When people come over, they'll know we're a fun and colorful family!

And now that you've got the no-sew applique basics down, you'll be able to applique lots of things: pillows, totes, aprons, t-shirts...whatever you like! Have fun!