DIY Needle Felted Gloves

Posted by Stephanie Chan
Learn how to add cozy & adorable designs to plain gloves you already own with easy DIY needle felting.

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Needle felting is so fun and is a quick way to add your own designs to fabrics and ready-made garments. Today I've added a simple but sweet heart shape to some plain gloves.

Here's What You'll Need

Small Needle Felting Mat
Pen-Style Needle Felting Tool
Felting Needle Tool (optional)
Plain knit gloves
Small cookie cutter in desired shape
Wool roving
Iron and ironing board
Spray water bottle

I'm using some acrylic knit gloves I found for just a dollar a pair.

Insert the felting mat inside a glove. Then, place a small cookie cutter centered on the glove. Make sure the design doesn't go onto the cuff of the glove.

Cut off a small piece of wool roving. Spread it out a little bit, then insert it into the cookie cutter, spreading it out evenly.

Use the pen-style needle felting tool to pierce the wool into the glove. You need to use the pen-style one in this case because it's narrow and will fit inside the small cookie cutter. It has three sharp needles so be careful. Keep your hands away from the felting area. Make sure the felting tool is going up and down as straight as possible. Do not tilt the felting tool at an angle, or you may break your needle. Go slowly at first, making sure you push down all of the wool. Then, go all over the design evenly.

Remove the cookie cutter and you should see the wool take the shape of it. You can either keep using the pen tool to keep piercing the wool down, or you can switch to the larger tool which contains more needles.

Felt the other glove in the same manner, but make sure the glove is a mirror image of the other one (i.e. the thumbs are either facing towards each other, or away from each other) so you have a left and right glove and the design will wind up on the back of your hands.

Last step: spritz your felted design with water, and set with an iron.

All done. I felted gloves in several colors and chose contrasting wool colors. Love how they turned out and they'll make great gifts to wear all winter long! Try needle felting scarves, hats, sweaters, and more!