DIY Modern Marquee Letter Light

Posted by Morena Hockley
Turn a plain marquee letter into a sleek, trendy light for your room.

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I absolutely love the marquee letter trend, and I love that Heidi Swapp has created an entire line of marquee letter products that is affordable and extremely easy to customize. I used metallic powders and trendy stencils to create a marquee letter that is modern and sleek.


Mix the silver powder with the craft paint. I used approximately one tablespoon of paint with one scoop of powder. Mix well. Paint the sides of the letter with the metallic paint and let it dry.

Mix equal parts Decou-page and silver powder. Use the pouncer to dab the metallic mix onto the paint.

Place the circuit stencil on the vellum. Use a sponge to dab a small amount of the metallic mix from step 2 onto the vellum. Be careful not to oversaturate your sponge. Too much paint will "bleed" under the stencil and cause the vellum to warp. Keep a scrap piece of paper handy so you can blot the sponge before stenciling.

Once the vellum is dry, trace the letter onto the vellum and cut it out. Make sure that that the vellum letter is slightly larger than the marquee letter before you cut it out.

Follow the package instructions to place the lights inside the marquee letter. Use Decou-page to attach the vellum letter to the front of the marquee.

My four year old son, Max, is so excited to have "his letter" as a nightlight in his room. You can change the design to match your decor by using different stencils and colors. I like the way the vellum softens the light and makes the letter look more like a lamp. Have fun crafting and creating with Heidi Swapp marquee letters....they're so versatile!