DIY Miniature Spool Christmas Tree

Posted by Morena Hockley
These miniature spools can be combined to make the most perfect Christmas decor or even a DIY ornament

I love miniatures! Maybe it's because I'm tiny, myself, but I'm often drawn to teeny versions of real life "stuff". These tiny unfinished wood spools are a staple in my craft stash because there are so many ways to use them (like I did here). I decided to turn them into a little bitty Christmas tree for the holidays. This wood spool Christmas tree would make a cute ornament or piece of table decor. Or, like my daughter did, you can add it to a doll house!


  • Wood spools
  • American Crafts Glitter Tape - 5/8" Spinach
  • Brown washi tape
  • Glue gun
  • Mini burlap bow
  • Tim Holtz Ideaology Mirrored Stars

Wrap each spool with a bit of glitter green washi tape. I cut several strips and then starting wrapping wood spools. Hot glue the end to make sure they don't become undone. You will need 24 mini spools. Wrap one 1 inch spool with brown washi tape.

Glue 3 spools together in a triangle shape. Then glue 7 spools together in a circular shape. There will be six spools on the outside and one inside to hold the shape.

Finally, glue 10 spools in a circular shape and glue 3 inside to hold the shape.

Stack the spool circles and glue them together. Top it with a single spool. Glue the large spool at the base.

Glue two Tim Holtz mirror stars together back to back and glue them to top of the tree. As a finishing touch, glue a little bow to the base of the tree.

If you want to make this an ornament instead of a decorative piece, glue a piece of twine inside the top wooden stool before you attach it to the "tree". As I mentioned earlier, my daughter has already claimed this as her own to decorate her Littlest Pet Shop house with. How will you use your mini wood spool Christmas tree?