DIY Mini Album: 30 Days of Grateful

Posted by Roxanne O'Brien
It's the season to be thankful! This DIY mini album is the perfect way to create a list of all that you're thankful for.

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Let's Get Grateful!


  • Snap Studio 6x8 Burlap Binder, Chevron Black
  • Simple Stories Sn@p! 6" x 8" Pocket Pages - 10-Pack
  • Simple Stories Sn@p! Pocket Pages For 6" x 8" Binders 10/Pkg - Variety Pack
  • Simple Stories Pumpkin Spice Sn@p! Card Pack
  • Snap Studio Simple Stories, Pumpkin Spice Pages & Pocket
  • Studio 112 Alphabet Stickers, Green, Black and Kraft
  • Bronze Metallic Sharpie
  • Pigma Micron 03 Black Pen

Gather all your supplies. I wanted to show you what came with the actual 6x8 binder when you purchase it. Great start to an album!! And the fun themed packs they offer are awesome. The picture right above shows you all the items that are included in the two packs. They have all sorts of different themes, too! And this Pumpkin Spice one was PERFECT for the album I was creating.

This post is a bit different than my other albums because it's a pocket album essentially, so the assembly is much quicker! I decided to finish the album and take you page by page through it from start to finish.

For this album, I went to Pinterest to look up a 30 days of grateful prompt list. Sometimes it helps with the creative process when someone else does the initial thinking! At least for me, it helps a lot. So I found one that I really like and I did tweak two of the prompts to something more my speed. Here is what my 30 days of grateful looks like:

  1. Favorite Food
  2. Smile
  3. Happy
  4. Leaves
  5. Morning Sky
  6. Books
  7. Something Funny
  8. Favorite Color
  9. Inspiring Person
  10. Nature
  11. Something Old
  12. Hands
  13. Written Words
  14. Movement
  15. Technology
  16. Animals
  17. Memories
  18. Something New
  19. Best Friend
  20. Season
  21. Where You Sleep
  22. Clothing
  23. In Your Closet
  24. Gratitude
  25. Artwork
  26. Drink
  27. Daily Routine
  28. Nighttime
  29. Light
  30. Self-Portrait

Here is the inside front cover and the beginning of my book. I loved that little bookmark tab divider. I thought it was perfect to start off the album with that quote.

That paper with the hole cutouts came with the album. I love how you can peek through and sort of see the image behind it!

I love this album because you can still do a fun page that's larger and more scrapbook-like and then you can just insert a card from the themed pack and a photo on the next!

For places where I had a larger photo for a smaller photo pocket, I just trimmed the photo essentially in half to fit! Like I did with that gorgeous tree above.

This Instagram square card came with the pack and it's literally perfect. Most of the photos you're seeing in the album were from my personal Instagram. I love that photo retailers now have the option to pull in those images to print!

I had to show you my fav photo for technology. That's my background on my computer. How can you NOT love Groot?! I love him so much I have a small tattoo of him :)

I probably should have told you to grab a cup of your favorite beverage at the beginning! ;)

And you don't need a photo on every page. For the back of the larger page on the left you see above, I used some twine and one of the cards from the themed Simple Stories pack. It breaks up the book to make it interesting!

The one pack came with this adorable pocket that you see above on the right hand side. For another of my design teams, I created these small card for each of us to complete on Thanksgiving morning to reflect on things we are each thankful for in our lives. I love the pocket idea for storing them so we can take them out and read them in the future.

I told my youngest about this envelope that was included in my album and he asked what it was for and I explained it was for placing drawings! He's quite excited and I'm sure I'll have a tough time closing that thing once he adds all his artwork in there!!

Here is the back cover. Nice and easy storage for this one! I didn't adorn the cover since it's burlap and a bit hard to adhere items to. But the side of the book is marked with a quote from one of the cards in the paper pack - harvest of memories. And that's exactly what I have here. I love this album and I hope you enjoyed seeing the things I'm thankful for and that you are inspired to create your own for yourself and your children!