DIY Marbled Nail Polish Push Pins

Posted by Meghan Quinones
Try your hand at marbling with these bright and colorful DIY nail polish pushpins, perfect for your office space or home.

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Remember when I shared a nail polish project round-up? How cool was that? Well, I felt inspired and decided it was time for another nail polish project!

I knew I really wanted to try the nail polish marbling technique that is very popular in the crafting world right now. Have you seen this before? It is so stinkin' cool! The nail polish, when poured into water, is like magic. You can create beautiful works of art with little effort. We have a cork wall in our office where we pin all of the ideas we come up with, whether it's a project idea or a new video series we want to do. We added some brightly colored pinwheels and some inspirational quotes to our wall to help get our creative juices flowing when we look at it. When I looked at our board I thought it could totally use some more color (the more color, the better!). This is when I decided to use my nail polish to created bright marbled pushpins!

I wanted my pushpins to be significant, so I ended up using one inch wooden cubes. I first started by painting my cubes white (you could leave the wood natural, but I think it looks better if you paint it). The magic really starts to happen when you add your nail polish to your water. The polish does not mix with the water, it just sits on top of it. This is how the cool marbling effect happens. You really have to see it yourself! Trust me, you will want to marble everything (and if you do, we won't judge!). :) After I marbled my cubes and added my tacks to the back, my colorful pushpins went right up on our idea board!

What have you made using the marbling technique?

Here's what you'll need:

  • 1 Inch Wooden Cube
  • 2 Colors of Nail Polish
  • Wooden Stick (I used a small Dowel Rod)
  • Jar
  • Glass of water
  • Push Pins
  • Glue
  • White Paint
  • Paint Brush

Let's get crafty!