DIY Holiday Snowman Wall Decor

Posted by Morena Hockley
Make a jolly snowman to decorate your home with for the winter holidays.

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One of my favorite Christmas memories is watching "Frosty the Snowman" every winter. With no cable or DVRs, we looked forward to the the shows that you could only see once a year on TV! I decided to capture my memories of that special snowman with a cute holiday themed piece of decor. Keep reading to learn how simple it is to make this wintery holiday snowman decor!


Paint the surface of the plaque with the white crackle paint. Let it dry.

Paint the top part of the plaque black. Cut a piece of wood trim to make the brim and paint it black as well. Once it has dried, glue the brim onto the hat at an angle.

Die cut two buttons from black cardstock to make the eyes. Cut an orange triangle for the nose. Glue the pieces onto the snowman.

Use the end of a paint brush dipped in black paint to make the coal mouth for the snowman.

Wrap a strip of burlap around the base of the plaque, and glue it in place.

To make the berry pin on the snowman's scarf, die cut a leaf from green cardstock, and glue the clear facet onto red paper. Assemble and glue the berry and leaves on the scarf.

Paint the metal flower red and add glitter. Glue it on the hat.

This friendly holiday snowman is ready for display! It would make a great addition to a mantle piece vignette. You could also hang it on the wall to add some holiday cheer to your photo gallery. Another idea is to glue a piece of ribbon to the bottom and use it to display holiday cards. Have fun crafting and creating for the holidays!