DIY Halloween Treat Holder

Posted by Katie King
Need a last minute gift? Then check out these candy holders that are not only perfect for the Halloween season, but can be made in 4 easy steps!

During this time of year, it always seems like were buying small gifts for everybody. Whether its friends, family, co-workers or teachers, there always someone on our list to buy for. With this thought in mind (and Halloween being right around the corner), I thought it would be fun to create small candy holders which could be given as gifts!

Now these candy holders are a perfect gift to give because the recipient is sort-of getting two gifts in one. The first gift is obviously the candy, but the second gift is the wooden holder which can be used year after year. The way the holder came out after painting and decorating, it kind-of looks like something you bought from the store. In this case, I think most people would keep the holder (after eating the candy) and use it for future decoration or for future candy holding.

The holder that I used to make this project was a wooden favor box by Darice. The reason why I liked this particular box was because it was ''big'' enough to hold a bunch of candy but still small enough to fit on someone's desk. Also, since I was going with a Halloween theme, I liked how the box was sort-of shaped like a treat bag.

Now if you don't care for this style of box, you could always use a different shape box and get the same effect. For example, this box would also be a good option for this project.

When making these treat holders, the one step which I think pulled everything together was the ''distressing'' step. I decided to distress the boxes because I wanted them to have a more aged look since I was using vintage looking paper. By distressing my boxes it made the paper look ''flush'' with the wood (like it had been put on their professionally) and gave all the boxes a more vintage look.

Also (just as a side note) in the tutorial I use paint and a paper towel to distress my boxes. However, you can use your Tim Holtz Distress Ink products or something similar and get the same effect.

To find out how to make your own Halloween Treat Holders, just check out the full tutorial below!


Paint your wooden boxes, then set them aside to dry.

Grab your scrapbooking paper and flip it over so that the pattern side is facing down. Then grab your box and trace around it onto your scrapbooking paper. Once you have traced around all four sides of your box, cut out each piece with your scissors. You may need to cut out smaller pieces (like the hole for the handle) with a craft knife.

Using a foam brush and some Mod Podge, glue each piece of scrapbooking that you cut out to its correct side. Then set your box aside to dry.

To distress your box your going to want to grab either the same color of paint you used in step 1 or brown paint. Once you have your paint, squeeze a small amount onto a paper plate. Then take your paper towel and dab it into your paint. At this time, a little paint goes a long way.

When you have paint on your paper towel, take the paper towel and gently rub it across your box. You may want to start with the edges (to see if you like the look), then move onto ''distressing'' the main areas (like the front and sides) of your box.

Keep repeating this step, until you're happy with how your box looks. When you are satisfied, set your box aside to dry.

Once your boxes are completely dry, you're ready to fill them up with candy and give them to all your friends.

I love how these little treat holders turned out! Besides using these treat holders as gifts, you could also use them as decorations for a party. For example, you could make five of these little treat holders, filled them up to the brim with candy and place them in a straight line going down the middle of a small table!

What do you guys think? Do you like these Halloween Treat Holders?