DIY Faux Marble Pendant

Posted by Meghan Quinones
This faux marble necklace looks so real. You can create the look of marble using clay!

The look of marble has become super popular. Marble can be found in home decor pieces, furniture, and even jewelry. Real marble can be a bit expensive, and in order to cut costs, people have been making their own faux marble out of clay!

I tried this technique and was amazed at how easy it was to do and how much my clay resembled marble. All you really have to do is mash white and black clay together. Then, you just roll it out. This is where the real magic happens and you can really start to see the marbling effect taking place. I still can't get over how gorgeous the outcome is!

Here's what you'll need:

  • Pardo Jewelry Clay (Black and White)
  • Chain
  • Jewelry Making Tools
  • Jewelry Wire
  • Clay Roller
  • Clay Cutter

Let's get crafty!

Pinch off about a quarter size of white clay and small amount of black clay.

Pinch off small pieces of black clay and begin working them into your white clay. I pinched my clay off in to three pieces.

Roll your clay into a ball.

Roll your clay into a long thin strip. Then, fold it in half.

Twist your two sides of clay.

Roll your clay into a ball again.

Use your roller to roll out your clay.

Use your knife to cut out a triangle on one end of your clay, then create a mirror image of your triangle on the other side.

Fold your clay in half, cut a piece of wire, place it inside of the loop you created, and press down on your clay to get both ends to come together. Use your finger to smooth out the top. Then, bake your clay according to the package.

Use your jewelry tool to create a loop at the end of your wire. Repeat on the other side.

Run your wire through your chain on both ends of your pendant.