DIY Fancy Metal Magnet

Posted by Meghan Quinones
Turn a piece of decorative sheet metal into a bright, colorful magnet using nail polish.

I did it. I got on the nail polish project train and I LIKED IT!

Nail polish has become a super popular crafting supply in the last year or so. People are using nail polish to create really cool marbled projects. I have seen mugs, keys, and even bobby pins painted with nail polish! I'm telling you, there are TONS of projects using this unique supply!

Since I was fully convinced my next project had to incorporate nail polish, I headed to the store to scoop up some bright, fun colors of polish. I used my nail polish to transform my M-D Metal Sheet into a colorful (almost Moroccan themed) magnet! What I love about the nail polish is its thick consistency. The color popped up off of my metal giving it really nice shine as well as dimension. After my polish dried, I slapped a magnet on the back and was ready to rock-and-roll!

Have you used nail polish with a DIY project before? How did you use it?

Here's what you'll need:

  • M-D Metal Sheet 12x12 Mosaic
  • M-D Metal Tin Snips
  • Nail Polish
  • Super Glue (also try Mod Podge Wonder Glue)
  • Round Magnet

Let's get crafty!

Decide on the shape of your magnet (I went with a a cross shape) and use your snips to remove the design from your sheet of metal.

Use your snips to remove all of the excess metal around your design. I had to move my metal pieces up and down to get a better angle to remove some of my metal.

Use your nail polish to go over the top of your metal. You will want to add a generous amount.

Put glue on the back of your metal design and add your magnet

Once your glue has dried, paint the inside of your magnet with polish to cover up the black part of the magnet showing through. Let your polish dry. Once dry, you are ready to hang your magents on a metal surface!