DIY Family Collage Photo Frame

Posted by Roxanne O'Brien
Create a beautiful family photo collage using a simple frame and some of your favorite scrapbook paper & embellishments.

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  • Kaisercraft Large Family Frame
  • Acrylic Paint, Antique White
  • Simple Stories, Pumpkin Spice Enamel Dots
  • Tacky Glue
  • Paintbrush
  • Teresa Collins Life Emporium 6x6 Designer Pad
  • American Crafts - Project Life - Value Kit - Cathy Zielske - Includes Foil Treatment & Wood Veneer
  • Ken Oliver's The Best Ever Craft Mat

My first step after gathering all my supplies is to start painting the front of this family frame. I chose an antique white since that will match most rooms in my home and goes well with the clothing we wore for the photos being used within the frame. I ordered 5x7 prints of each photo since the width of each opening was over 4", so I had to go up to the next size print to get them to fit widthwise in each cutout.

This frame is actually two pieces. The bottom of the frame is actually one solid piece of MDF and the FAMILY part of the frame is separate. It makes more sense in just a moment!

As you can see, I started out painting the entire front of the FAMILY part of the frame with my antique white acrylic paint and a paintbrush. I gave it two good coats.

For the spaces behind the word FAMILY on the frame, I wanted to add in some patterned papers for some interest. I used a card from the Project Life Cathy Zieleske kit along with some strips of paper from the Teresa Collins Life Emporium 6x6 Designer Pad. I simply covered up the brightly colored diagonal stripe on the card with a softer color palette and woodgrain.

I adhered it to the card and that piece is all done!

I'm going to flip over the FAMILY part of the frame and apply tacky glue with just my fingers. You can certainly use a paintbrush, but this works really well! I smeared the glue where I will be adhering the card I just updated and the pattered paper and other quote card I plan to use.

Here is what that ended up looking like once I get it all in place! I added in some enamel dots in a rust color for a little splash of color. Love it!

The next step is to adhere your photos to the back of the frame in the same way as I did with the center section of patterned papers. You'll need to trim down your photos in order to fit and overhang the actual cutout opening a little bit. Make sure you glue them down really well and let the glue dry before moving on.

Flip the frame over and this is what you have so far! It's coming along nicely!!

Next up is to glue the actual backer of the frame to your photos/front of the frame. Apply a nice thin, even layer of the tacky glue to your backer. Then carefully line up the frames together and place something heavy on top of them. I left mine overnight to ensure it was nice and sealed! (As you can see, I grabbed whatever I had laying around - some hand weights and a large shipping box filled with about 10 lbs. of things inside sat on top).

The last step after the frame is glued together and dry, is to paint the edges of the frame with 2 coats of the same antique white paint, let dry. You're ready to now display the frame!

I love that I have a custom looking frame that took me two days to make and it's personal with elements I like and will match my decor.