DIY Fabric Stamped Infinity Scarf

Posted by Meghan Quinones

The cold weather hasn't quite left Chicago (thank you 4 inches of Spring snow!) which means we can't completely put away our cold weather gear quite yet. Grrr... In an effort to revolt against this difficult weather, I have decided to make a jersey infinity scarf. I thought this would still provide a bit of warmth without the bulk of a wool or knit scarf.

In case you were wondering, I did not just make a plain jersey infinity scarf. Oh, no. I created my own designed fabric using Art Foamies! To give my gray jersey fabric a Spring feel, I went with a bright neon yellow and white (I didn't want it to be too bold!). I was going to use two different designs, but ended up committing to just the swirl design. My Art Foamie was so easy to use! I just kept stamping away all over my fabric until I thought I had the proper balance of white swirls to yellow swirls. Then, I just sewed up my fabric to create my scarf. Watch out Spring snow, I am ready for you, but with a Spring twist!

What Art Foamies would you use to design the fabric for your infinity scarf?

Here's what you'll need:

  • Art Foamies - Swirl
  • Fabric Paint (I used white and neon yellow)
  • 2 Yards of Jersey Fabric
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • Sewing Machine
  • Thread

Let's get crafty!

Pour a generous amount of paint on the Stamp Buddy that comes with the Art Foamie.

Rub your Art Foamie over your paint so it absorbs into the Stamp Buddy. Push your Art Foamie into the Stamp Buddy a few times so the bottom of it is covered in paint.

Fold your fabric in half and place it on a large surface. Start stamping your fabric with your Art Foamie. Repeat the above steps with your other paint color, filling in the gaps.

Fold your fabric in half and cut down the center.

Fold your fabric in half length-wise and make sure your pattern is on the inside. Pin the outside of your fabric and begin sewing on the left side of your fabric up and over to the long part of your fabric. You are going to stop when you get to the right side when you have about 5 inches of fabric left (you will use this hole to turn your fabric right side out).

Turn your fabric so it is right side out, using the unsewn end of your fabric. Hand stitch the opening you left, then pin the two ends together and sew.

Now all you have to do is wrap your scarf around your neck twice and you are ready for the Spring chill!

Even Vera is ready!