DIY Emoji Magnets

Posted by Andreja Vucajnk
Love emojis? Learn how to make fun & simple emoji magnets out of rocks.

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When you go out on your next nature walk be sure to gather some round and flat pebbles! They'll be supplies for your next craft project with your kids, some simple and cute DIY emoji magnets.

This is such a great project for the kids as they can make a whole bunch for the fridge in your home or to give away as gifts. I imagine chores put up on the fridge with emoji magnets they made themselves will be easier to do, at least for a little while.

Supplies for Emoji Magnets

It's best to wash the rocks first, to get rid of any dirt and dust that they might have, and let them dry completely. Once dried paint them with yellow paint. Depending on the paint and rock, you might need to paint a few layers of yellow paint (darker stones needed more layers). Let it dry completely.

It's time to put some smiley faces on the rocks. Draw funky facial expressions on rocks with permanent markers. If you want your emoji magnets to be shiny you can coat them with gloss varnish.

Glue the magnets on the back of the rocks with a glue gun.

All done! Your DIY emoji magnets are ready to be displayed on your fridge and to keep all of the important information right there. I am sure family members and friends will be happy to receive a set of these too and since these really are quick and easy to make why not make them for them.