DIY Easter Jars

Posted by Claudia Aguilar
This cute alternative to a traditional basket is a cinch to make!

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Are you in need of a last minute Easter basket idea? Or maybe you just want to make a quick Easter basket alternative! If so, then these DIY Easter jars will do the trick. Simply follow the steps below and watch the video to see how easy it is to create them. Hand out to loved ones or use to dress up an Easter brunch table. These versatile Easter jars add bright, fun details to your spring holiday décor. Hoppy Easter!

- Twist 2 chenille stems together and wrap around mouth of jar, twisting to secure.
- Repeat, but this time use twisted stems to create a handle, twisting to secure in place on either side of jar and trim off excess.
- Tie lengths of ribbon to one side, or both sides, of the handle and trim off excess.
- Use a glue gun to adhere a flower embellishment in place on top of ribbon.
- Use fringe scissors to cut paper grass. Crumple and add to jar.
- Fill jar with eggs or treats!