DIY Doily Stitched Garland

Posted by Meghan Quinones

You can create a banner using pretty paper and doilies. Yes, doilies!

I love the look of paper doilies. The intricate design gives them a vintage and elegant feel. That's probably why doilies have made a comeback, especially as party decor.

This banner really is quite versatile. You could use it for a birthday party, a wedding, a shower, or even a tea party! I love the way stitched paper looks. Instead of gluing all of my papers together, I decided to stitch them to my doilies with embroidery thread! I think the stitching adds a nice pop of color and touch of texture. I wrapped my banner around the edge of my table. I think it makes it look like a cake stand!

Here's what you'll need:

- Unique Round Doily (I used 4.5 inches, but you could go larger!)

- DMC Embroidery Thread

- Needle

- 2 Pieces of Patterned Scrapbook Paper

- We R Stitching Tool (watch for upcoming sales!)

- Cutting Mat

- Scissors

- Marker

Let's get crafty!

Step 1: Fold your doily in half and cut it. Lay one side down on your patterned paper. Cut a half circle that is about a 1/2 inch above the frills of your doily. This will be your large half circle template.

Step 2: Lay the other half of your doily and lay it on your other piece of paper. This time, cut around the smooth inside half circle. This will be your small half circle template.

Step 3: Take your doilies, fold them in half, trace and cut out all of your half circle.

Step 4: Layer your doily, large half circle, then small half circle on your cutting mat. Then, run your stitching tool over the top. I ran mine about a 1/4 from the top. Repeat this with all of your half doilies.

Step 5: Cut about 3 yards of embroidery thread. Thread your needle and tie a knot about 12 inches from the end.

Step 6: Begin stitching all 3 pieces of paper together.

Step7: When you finish one doily, move on to the next one, leaving a little space in between each. Repeat this until you have stitched all of your paper.