DIY Custom Stamped Cocktail Napkins

Posted by Meghan Quinones
Grab some cocktail napkins and get stampin'. All you need is a block stamp and some ink to customize your napkins.

What do you get when you pair block stamps with napkins? Give up??? Beautifully designed cocktail napkins!

I love customizing anything and everything. I have done countless projects where I have taken the creative ideas inside of my head and put them on some sort of raw material. I've altered bags, pillows, sunglasses, shirts, and so much more. I have pretty much altered every single surface, except napkins! Now, I know this is a completely random item to alter, but the possibilities for customizing napkins are endless!

What are napkins made out of? That's right, paper! That means they are stampable! For my napkins, I used the leaf Blockwallah Block Stamp. Blockwallah stamps are hand carved by skilled artisans in rural India. The impression you get with these stamps is super crisp. When I saw the small leaf design, I thought it would look gorgeous on my napkin.

After I picked my stamp, I moved on to my ink. This part is VERY important! Since the ink is going on a napkin and napkins are used to hold wet drinks and wipe hands, I knew I needed an ink that was not going to react with water. I ended up going with a pigment ink, which, when dried, has the ability to resist water. This is just what I needed for my napkins!

After I selected my stamp and my ink, it was go time! As you can see (below), this project is insanely easy and perfect for all of your parties. I love the vintage feel my stamp gave my napkins. What do you think? Have you ever created your own stamped napkins?

Here's what you'll need:

  • Cocktail Napkins
  • Pigment Ink
  • Blockwallah Stamp (I used the leaf design)

Let's get crafty!