DIY Craft Stick and Washi Tape Frame

Posted by Andreja Vucajnk
If your kids have that one special picture they want to frame they can make their own craft stick and washi tape frame to go along with it.

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Maybe it is a picture from a past field trip, a photo of their pet or a family portrait...I think every child has a picture of something they hold dear and in order to make that photo even more special why not get crafty with them and create a fun looking DIY Craft Stick and Washi Tape Frame.

As there is a ton of different washi tape out there the possibilities for this photo frame are virtually endless.

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  • 8 craft sticks BLDZ915086
  • Washi tape BLMAMWTT5
  • Scissors
  • Tulip Dimensional Paint BL359436
  • Glue Dots BL174923

Plus photo and some construction paper to protect the photo if needed.

Start by covering the craft sticks with washi tape. Most washi tape will stick to the craft sticks nicely while some might need some help with the glue (or mod podge). Trim the excess washi tape with scissor.

Once all of your craft sticks are dressed up pair them up as you will need two for each border (you can even run washi tape over the pair if the design fits). Now place the craft sticks that will make the side borders of the frame on the table, positioning them as they will be in the end frame. Take one (or both if they stick together) of the top craft sticks, place glue dots on the stick and stick it in it's place. Repeat with all other craft sticks.

This step is completely optional but fun, you can add some dimension to the frame by decorating it with Tulip dimensional paint.

Now all there is left to do is place the picture in the frame, or to better put it, place the frame on top of the picture. Cut the photo so that it fits the frame, stick glue dots on the frame or on the picture and press them together.

Easy peasy!