DIY Command Hook Makeover

Posted by Kim Dellow

I always have little bits of paper left over from paper pads and I just do not want to throw them away, the paper is so pretty isn't it? Here is an idea to help you use those pretty bits of paper up and give the useful Command Hooks a makeover at the same time!

Here Is What You Will Need:

Let's make!

Tear up the left over bits of designer paper into thin strips. Tear the strips away from you and keep the side with the top surface still intact.

Take out the wall attachment part of the Command Hook then use your brush to cover the top with decoupage. Add one of the strips of paper and hold it in place over the curve of the hook for a few seconds.

Work down the hook, brushing it with the decoupage and holding a piece of paper over the glue until the whole surface is covered. Let it dry. Add more glue to the sides and any areas that didn’t take the first time and glue the paper in place.


Use smaller pieces of paper for the curved hook part!

Once the hook is dry turn it over and trim off the excess paper from the back as needed. Now you can use the hook according to the manufacturers' instructions.

All done and doesn't it add a lovely bit of color to my stash organization! I'm using my made over Command Hook to hold my ink pad swatches, what will you use yours for? I would love to know so leave me a comment.

Thanks for popping by.

Kim Dellow