DIY Colorful Butterfly Window Clings

Posted by Andreja Vucajnk
Add some color to your windows this spring with easy DIY butterfly clings! This is a great craft to do with your kids.

Give more color to your windows, make a kaleidoscope of butterflies (this is what a group of butterflies is officially called, pretty cool right?) in bright colors that will become even brighter when sunlight touches them. Simple and fun project you will enjoy as much as your kids will.

  • Tulip Puffy Paint
  • Laminating Sheet
  • Butterfly Templates (Download here) or freehand

Print the butterfly templates or draw your own and place them inside the laminating sheet. You can run it through the laminator or you can just secure the template with tape.

Time to color the butterflies. Shake the bottles before you begin, hold the tip to the surface and gently squeeze.

Start by outlining the shape and then filling the shape with color. Continue with all the shapes, switching colors as you go. Apply a generous amount of puffy paint as it will become thinner as it dries.

Now comes the hardest part. The waiting. The box says to wait 4 hours for the colors to dry on fabric, but for these, it's best to wait a while longer to dry completely. Overnight is great, a whole day is even better.

Once they are dry, carefully peel them off the sheet (you can help yourself with a knife - adults only naturally). If they don't peel off nicely or feel too sticky let them dry for a while more.

Stick them on the window or any other surface that needs some color (they look great on the fridge door too).