DIY Clay Fox Coasters

Posted by Katie King
Add a touch of fall (and cuteness) to your home by creating your own set of fox coasters!

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When I think of the fall season two things usually pop into my head. One of those things being pumpkins and the other being foxes. More specifically, I think of pumpkin drinks and fox home décor!

Now if you go into any type of craft store or home décor store, you're bound to find at least one fox home décor item. Since the fall season is right around the corner, I've noticed more fox theme items creeping their way out onto store shelves. Even though all of these fox items are really cute, they can sometimes be a bit expensive. In an effort to save my money (for more craft supplies) I thought it would be funnier and cheaper to create my own fox home décor item!

So today I'm combing my love of both foxes and pumpkin drinks to create a cute set of fox coasters!

The coasters that I'll be making today are made from oven bake clay. Oven bake clay is a great product to use when you're wanting to create a functional item (like coasters) but don't want to wait (like when your using air clay) for the clay to ''dry out''. When using oven baked clay, there are few things that you should keep in mind. Below I wrote out a few tips to help make your clay coasters turn out amazing!

Tip 1: Follow the directions on the type clay that you are using for your project. For example, don't try to speed up the drying the time by baking at a higher temperature. Make sure you bake at the temperature that your clay is designed for.

Tip 2: Make sure to cover and clean your work surface before working with your clay. This will help to protect your work surface and help to insure that nothing gets ''trapped'' in your clay (like small pieces of glitter) while you're working with it.

Tip 3: To avoid air bubbles from appearing in your final clay pieces, make sure that you don't ''fold'' your clay constantly (while working with it) because it will trap air. Now folding a couple of times won't hurt but just be sure that you don't ''over work'' your clay.

After I baked my clay, I did notice a few air bubbles. This didn’t bother me that much, since I know that most of time my coasters will be covered by drinks. However, I recommend that you watch how many times you're folding your clay so you can get the best result.

To find out how to make your own set of fox coasters just check out the full tutorial below!

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  • Fox Pattern (below)
  • White Oven Bake Clay (I used Polyform Sculpey Original)
  • Rolling Pin
  • Orange Paint
  • White Paint (optional)
  • Black Paint
  • 2 Flat Wooden Sticks (optional)
  • Clear Acrylic Spray
  • Paint Brush
  • Craft Knife
  • Scissors
  • Pencil

Print out the fox pattern. You can do this by right clicking the image and then clicking the ''Save Image As'' option.

Open up your box of clay and take out about one third of your clay. Then begin conditioning your clay by warming it up in your hands and creating a small ball.

Place your ball of clay in between two flat pieces of wood and begin rolling out your clay with your rolling pin. Rolling your clay in between two flat pieces of wood, help to control the thickness of your clay. For example my two pieces of wood are 1/4'' thick, this means that when I roll out my ''slab'' of clay that it will also be 1/4'' thick. This will help make all of the coasters the same size and thickness.

Once your clay is rolled out, place your fox pattern on top and trace around it using your craft knife. Then cut out your fox's head with your craft knife.

Keep repeating steps 2-4 until you have four coasters. Then follow the instructions that came with your clay and bake your coasters.

Once your coasters have cooled, you are ready to start painting them! Now take your fox pattern and cut out those pieces which have a dotted line (this would be the nose area and inside the two ears). Then take your pattern and place it on top of your clay and trace around it with your pencil. When you're done you should have something like the above picture.

Grab your orange paint and paint the fox's ears and nose.

Once the paint had dried, I decided to go back and paint more details (of the hair) by mixing my orange paint and white paint together. You can see the differences between the above picture and the final picture. Personally, I liked the more realistic look but this extra step is completely optional.

Now grab your black paint and paint on your fox's nose and eyes.

When the paint on your coasters are dry, take them outside and spray a thin coat of clear acrylic spray onto them. This will help seal in all the paint and provide a protected coat to the top of your coasters.

Once your coasters are completely dry, you're ready to set them out and begin using them!

Don't you just love these little guys! If you wanted to, you could change the pattern to create other animal inspired coasters. Personally, I wouldn't mind a set of squirrel coasters! What type of animal coasters would you like to make?