DIY Cement Hexagon Bookends

Posted by Meghan Quinones

Have you ever worked with cement before? I tried using cement for a project a few years ago and had no idea it was so easy to use. I made planters using cement and milk cartons. Not gonna lie, I was pretty impressed with the outcome of my planters. They looked like I had purchased them from an upscale store!

The last time we ran paper mache hexagon boxes I just knew I had to incorporate them into a project. I had a couple of ideas on how to use these boxes, however, my ideas did not include cement. The idea of creating cement hexagon bookmarks just came to me one day (that is how my crazy brain works!). Since my boxes were paper mache, I knew they would be perfect to use use with cement. Even though two of my boxes are completely unusable now, I still have one box and three lids. Oh, you know these pieces will eventually be incorporated into a project! Now, time to start brainstorming...

Have you ever worked with cement before?

Here's what you'll need:

Let's get crafty!

I started by pouring a generous amount of cement mix into my bucket. Then, I added water little by little. Once I got a consistency a little thinner than pudding, I stopped. I wanted my mix to be on the thinner side. It seems to set better when it is not too thick.

Pour your cement into your paper mache boxes. I eyeballed the cement level of my larger box to get it the same height as my smaller box since it was much deeper. Let the cement mix dry. I let mine sit for 24 hours.

Once my bookends were dry, I used my craft knife to slice down one corner of my box. Once this was down, I was able to rip the other sides.

Use your washi tape to create a design at the bottom of your bookend.

Paint below your washi tape.

Peel off your washi tape.

I decided that black was not enough, so I added a light green stripe on top of my black paint.

I then added pink paint on top of my light green paint. Once your paint is dry, grab your books and bookends and get organized!