DIY Birdie Card With Quilling Paper

Posted by Meghan Quinones
Try your hand at the art of quilling with this easy birdie card! Use quilling paper and a stamp for create a beautiful design.

I have to admit, when I heard we were going to be featuring quilling kits, I had no idea what quilling was! I looked up pictures and found intricate pieces of art using strips of paper. I had seen this beautifully designed paper artwork before, but had no idea it was called quilling. Well, now I know!

Since this was my first time ever attempting the craft of quilling, I decided to go for a very basic design on a card. Who can resist a little birdie saying "hello"? I love having general cards on hand that can work for multiple occasions. This is definitely one of those cards. There are so many reasons why you would need to say "hello" to someone. Maybe "Hello, New Neighbor", "Hello, Friend. I miss you." "Hello, Co-worker. Thanks for covering for me the other day!". You get my point.

It's now your turn to either get super creative with our quilling paper and kits or try your hand at quilling for the very first time (trust me, it can be done!).

Here's what you'll need:

  • Quilling Beginner Kit
  • Scissors
  • "Hello" Stamp (or black marker)
  • Black Ink Pad

Let's get crafty!

Cut your paper strips.

  • Body: Glue two long strips of paper together so your paper is twice as long. (purple)
  • Beak: 5.5 cm (purple)
  • Eye: 4 cm (light grey)
  • Feet: 8.5 cm (cut 2 - purple)
  • Legs: 7 cm (purple)
  • Tail: 6 cm (1 dark purple, 1 pink, and 1 light purple)

Step 2: Start with the paper for your body. Place your paper in the slit of your slotted tool. Begin to turn your tool, tightly coiling your paper around itself. Once your entire strip of paper has been wrapped, slide it off of your tool. Let your paper uncoil a bit. You want your body to be around 3.5 cm. Glue the end of your paper to the outside of your circle.

Step 3: Make the remaining parts of your bird.

  • Feet and Beak: Start wrapping the paper for your feet on your slotted tool. Make your circle a little looser than you did for your body. Let your paper uncoil. You want your feet to be around 12 mm. Glue the end of your paper to the outside of your circle. Repeat this step with the paper for your beak, except the circle for your beak will be 1/2 cm.
  • Eye: Wrap the paper for your eye very tightly around your slotted tool. Pull the paper off and glue the end of you paper to your circle, keeping your circle nice and tight.
  • Legs: Put glue on the end of the paper for your legs. Fold your paper in half, gluing one end to the other. Then fold your paper in half again.
  • Tail: Using your slotted tool, begin wrapping one of your tails. Do 10 wraps around your tool. Pull your paper off of your tool. Repeat this with your other two tails.

Step 4: Grab your body. Create a teardrop shape and pinch one end. This will form your bird's body.

Step 5: Run your tweezers down the uncoiled part of your tail, forming a curve away from your circle coil. Repeat this with all of your tail pieces. Put glue on the back part of your pink tail and glue it to the front of your dark purple tail. Then glue your light purple tail to your pink tail.

Step 6: Take your beak and using your tweezers, press down in the middle of your circle to form a crescent.

Step 7: Take your feet and using your tweezers, press down on one side of your circle, then press down on the other side of your circle. This will form three little toes. Repeat this step for the other foot.

a: Glue your tail to the bottom of your body.

b: Put glue one the back of your body and tail. Then, glue to your card.

c: Put glue on the edge of your legs and glue below your body.

d: Put glue behind your feet and glue them below each of your legs.

e: Put glue behind your beak and glue to the front of your body.

f: Put glue behind your eye and glue inside your body.

Stamp or write "hello" on your card and you are finished!