DIY Beaded Leather Layered Bracelet

Posted by Adrianne Surian
Glam meets boho style in this easy-to-make multi-strand beaded leather bracelet design.

Hey friends! Adrianne here with you today sharing my favorite kind of craft project: handmade jewelry! This layered leather bracelet is a boho-meets glam combination that adds a bit of sparkle and shine to any casual outfit, and it's easy to make! If you can use scissors and glue, even beginners can enjoy this great project. It takes about 15 minutes (plus a little extra time to dry) and just a few basic supplies.

Here's what you will need:

  • 1mm leather cord
  • Jesse James Cosmic Bead Assortment (or view all the collections here)
  • 6mm Round Silver Beads (with 1.5mm hole, like Blue Moon Beads brand)
  • 5mm Glue-on End Caps
  • E-6000 or other heavy duty adhesive
  • Scissors

Begin by cutting five 8-9 inch lengths of leather cord. This will be more than you need, but a little excess makes the cords easier to work with. Gather the ends together, and add a drop of E-6000 (or your favorite heavy duty adhesive) to the inside of one of the 5mm end caps. Press the ends firmly into the end cap, and twist them to ensure that you have glue coverage all the way around.

You will need to wait approximately 5 minutes before continuing to be sure that the glue sets enough to hold the end cap in place without the cords slipping out. You can work with the cords while the glue is still tacky; it doesn't need to be fully dried. Just wait long enough that the cords don't accidentally slip out of the end cap in the next steps.

Once the glue is set enough to continue, begin adding beads onto the cords. It's important to note that in the bead collections, only some of the beads will have large holes and not all will be suitable for this project. I simply used all the large hole beads from the Jesse James Bead collection, and accented them with several 6mm round beads. You will not need to follow a pattern, or alternate the beads in any special way! As the bracelet moves when worn, different beads on different strands will come together creating and recreating different bead patterns.

It's important to note that you will not need many beads on each strand! 5-7 beads on each of the 5 strands will give you the look you see here. When the layered cords rest together, all the beads will come together and your bracelet will look full.

Once you have added between 25-35 total beads to your bracelet, measure a total length of 7 inches of beaded leather. Gather and cut the cords, and glue the second end cap onto the cords to finish the bracelet.

7 inches is generally the smallest ideal size for a woman's wrist, but because these end caps have an included extender chain, you can adjust the bracelet to the most comfortable length when you wear it.

Allow the glue to cure and dry before wearing your new bracelet - for E-6000, I typically leave the piece to dry overnight, though it only requires a few hours. (Other formulas will vary, so be sure to check the packaging for the recommended dry time.)

As you can see, the random placement of the beads and the varied shapes and textures all come together to make a fabulous casual accessory!

Thanks for joining me for today's easy jewelry project, and I'd love to hear about it if you give it a try for yourself! Happy Crafting!