DIY Apple Printed Grocery Bag

Posted by Andreja Vucajnk
Learn how to make a stylish apple printed grocery bag and never use plastic bags again.

Let you kids make a crafty project that is not only fun to make but is also a very environment friendly one. Sit down together for a crafty session to make an apple printed grocery bag and while making this wonderful DIY you can also discuss how to help the environment.

  • Canvas grocery bag
  • Acrylic paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Apple

Place the canvas grocery bag on a flat surface. It's best to place a sheet of paper inside the bag as colors might bleed through when you will be stamping the apples.

If you want your prints to be in straight line like ours are, mark down the line with string or tape.

Cut the apple in half and color it with your colors (you can also use multiple colors on one apple for a more colorful effect). Press it down onto the canvas grocery bag and remove.

Repeat as many times as needed. The apple will dry out a bit as you go so you will either have to run it under water or dilute acrylic colors with water.

You can use one half of the apple to complete the whole project as you can easily wash it before using another color, or just keep on using it without washing to have the colors mix a little.

Let the colors dry completely (check the color manufacturer instructions on the drying time).

Your fancy looking grocery is ready to have its first appearance in the shops.