DIY 4th of July Party Decor

Posted by Claudia Aguilar
Turn Doodlebug's dandy Yankee Doodle Collection into patriotic decorations for your 4th of July celebration!

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Doodlebug Yankee Doodle Collection

When I saw Doodlebug Design's adorable Yankee Doodle Collection I couldn't wait to make something using the sweet red, white and blue characters and patterns. I decided that this collection is perfect as Fourth of July picnic or cookout decor. With a few basic supplies and some Yankee Doodle products, I created a set of cute and functional partyware items that are sure to impress your guests!

How to Create Paper Party Decor

Utensil Sleeve
Step 1: Cut a piece of paper measuring approximately 4" x 12"

Step 2: Fold bottom of strip approximately 1/3 of the way up and crease.

Step 3: Use Scor-Tape to adhere sides of the fold in place, creating a pocket.

Step 4: Cut strips of the patterned Yankee Doodle sheets and wrap around pocket. Secure strip with tape and trim off excess.

Step 5: Use Yankee Doodle stickers, ribbon and cord to embellish pockets, then fill with utensils and napkins.

Flag Toothpicks
Step 1: Using a length of Yankee Doodle American Flag washi tape, align one end of a toothpick on the sticky side, between two of the flags.

Step 2: Carefully adhere tape to itself sandwiching toothpick in between and trim off any excess tape.

Embellished Cups
Decorate disposable cups with stickers as desired. With over 40 stickers in this pack you have plenty to choose from!

Quick & Easy Paper Banner
Step 1: Trim the Yankee Doodle decorative cards included on the back of some of the 12x12 sheets, (or use these adorable pre-cut shapes) to decorate rectangles and strips of decorative and solid paper, leaving about an inch of paper at the top of each strip.

Step 2: Turn decorated strips into a banner by folding back the 1" sections and adhering the bottom edge of the section to the back of the strip creating a looped area for the twine to go through.

Step 3: Thread twine through back of decorated strips and hang.

I was able to create simple, fun decor for a 4th of July gathering of about ten guests in no time using one Doodlebug Yankee Doodle Double-Sided Paper Pack. With individual paper pads and other packs of embellishments also available, creating patriotic decor for a larger group, (or if you really want to blow out the theme) can be easily and quickly done so you can go back to enjoying the holiday. Happy Fourth of July!

Happy Crafting!