Dipped Copper Strip Necklaces

Posted by Francesca

We've seen copper make a come back this year. It has so many fantastic properties it's easy to see why. The golden lustre sits perfectly against soft pastel colors. This combination gives these pendants a modern look and clean aesthetic. These necklaces are perfect for everyday wear and the simple shape of the copper can be worn with simple styles or stand out against contrasting patterns.

Supplies Needed

MD Copper Sheet

Copper Chain

Copper Jump Ring

Metal Shears

Metal Hole Punch

Washi Tape

Nail Varnish in pastel colors

Cut the copper sheet into thin strips using the tin snips. These are a fantastic tool because the edges are ready and don't need filing after cutting.

Using the metal hole punch find the centre of the copper strip and punch a hole right through.

Use masking/washi tape to mark off the end of the copper strip with a straight edge.

Paint the ends of the exposed copper with pastel shades of nail varnish. The varnish has a glossy effect that looks fantastic next to the brassy copper. Coat with a few layers to create the creamy dipped vibe.

Once dry slowly peel back the tape to reveal a crisp line of color.

Attach the copper pendant to a copper chain using a (you guessed it) copper jump ring.

Now go ahead and make them in all the pastel shades. Make them for you friends, for your family and for yourself in every color!