Design Your Own Shoulder Purse

Posted by Brenna

I love my purses and although I usually have a huge Mary Poppins bag, sometimes it is good to have something a little smaller to carry. In a few weeks I will be attending a quilt show, and it will be the perfect opportunity for a smaller purse. With a long day of walking ahead, I just want to have a few necessities with me.

When I found this black shoulder purse from Blitsy I knew it would be perfect, and I would be able to easily add a few touches to make it mine.


  • Wear 'n design your own shoulder purse
  • scrap fabric
  • needle and thread
  • sewing machine
  • basic sewing supplies
  • iron

To Make:

There are tons of ways to decorate the Design Your Own Shoulder Purse. Of course, since I love fabric, I decided to add a few fabric touches mine.

To create the band, cut a strip of fabric 3 1/2" x 15 1/2" and sew the short ends together.

Fold your band in half and press.

Turn your purse inside out. Slide your band over the top, raw edge lined up with the top of the purse and pin.

Sew a 1/4" from the edge around the top of the purse.

Turn your purse right side out and fold the band to the front. Press the band into place.

To secure your band, topstitch around the bottom edge of the band.

I decided to do a little more and add some patches to my purse. I cut out rectangles slightly smaller than the pocket, folded my edges under by 1/4" and pressed. I then hand stitched each of my patches onto the purse.

If you are having a hard time sewing on the patches without catching the back layer of fabric, put a piece of cardboard into the pocket so you don't go all the way through.

I love how my purse turned out. It was so easy to put together, and will be perfect for vacation or days where I don't need to carry much with me.