Create Your Own Statement Necklace with Halcraft Beads!

Posted by Meghan Quinones
Interested in making your own jewelry? See what you can create using Halcraft beads.

Hey Guys! I wanted to do a quick shout out to the Halcraft Bead Strands that just launched yesterday. If you are a jewelry maker, you are going to want to check out these lovely beads!

These beads are a must if you are looking to add some pretty bead strands to your stash. I mean, let's be honest, most of us jewelry makers don't buy beads and supplies when we need them. Oh, no. We stock-up either when there is a deal or something is so pretty we just can't pass it up. In all honesty, I do more of the impulse buying than buying when I actually need something!

Two of the Halcraft Bead types I wanted to call out are the Yellow Tigereye Beads and the Orange Jade Beads. The Yellow Tigereye Beads are carved from blocks of semi precious stone that may have been mined in Brazil, China, Africa or even the United States. They are cut, carved, polished and drilled and then polished some more until they shine. These stone beads are perfect for any of your natural jewelry or home decor creations! The Orange Jade Beads are also carved from blocks of semi precious stone and are cut, carved, polished and drilled. These beads are perfect to bring bright color and shine to your own jewelry designs. The round glass brings a "bling factor" to any project!

Below are three lovely pieces of jewelry showcasing the Yellow Tigereye Beads and the Orange Jade Beads. Multi-strand necklaces are so pretty and quite easy to make. I love how the color of the Tigereye and the Orange Jade look when paired with multiple strands. Which one is your favorite?

Multistrand Yellow Tigereye Necklace

Multistrand Orange and Green Jade Necklace

Orange and Green Jade Bracelet