Create a Leather and Stamped Metal Necklace With Vintaj

Posted by Morena Hockley

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My current "fave" is the pairing of hard with soft: lace with burlap, fabric with wood, and lately metal with leather. The juxtaposition of stamped metal with soft leather creates an eye catching pendant that could be worn by men or women. I used scrap leather I had from a previous project, but you could repurpose old wallets or belts to make your leather piece. Break out your Vintaj blanks and jewelry making supplies, and let's start crafting!


Vintaj Blanks
Sizzix DecoEmboss Die - Steampunk Parts
Vintaj Patina
Jump Rings
Leather Scrap
Necklace Cord

Place the blank inside the embossing folder, and emboss it with your die cutting machine.

I wanted a grungy look, so first I applied patina to the entire blank and wiped it back with a cloth. Then I used a fine tip brush to add patina to the recessed areas and let it dry.

Cut a square of leather to back the blank with. Use an awl or other sharp tool to pierce the leather, and attach the pieces together with a jump ring. Use a second jump ring to attach the completed pendant to the necklace.

I like my pendant free hanging, so I left the blank "loose" on the leather. You could use glue or a second jump ring to attach the blank to the leather piece so that it does not move around. You could also add more charms or beads to the bottom of the leather to create a larger pendant. Since I made this for my son I kept it more simple and masculine. Have fun crafting and creating your own custom jewelry!