Craft Your Space With An Easy Quote Wall Hanging

Posted by Meghan Quinones
This easy DIY felt wall hanging will add personality to your space. All it takes is a few supplies!

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Before I dive into my project tutorials, I always say "Let's get crafty!" I decided to bring this quote to life by turning it into a hanging pennant for our office.

I had never used iron-on vinyl adhesive, but this stuff is super cool. When paired with the Silhouette, there really are countless projects you could do! My gears were definitely turning thinking of all the possibilities of using these two items together!

I knew I wanted a fun, playful font for my pennant. I went with the font Mixed Cutouts, which I thought would look really cute on my felt. I loved the playful vibe it had and thought it was perfect for my crafty saying. Once again, there are so many font options you could choose from to customize your pennant. If you need some font inspiration, head on over to, which offers a ton of free downloadable fronts.

For my pennant, I chose black felt since I knew it would be used for backdrops when filming How-To videos with bloggers. I figured black would be a safe choice since we have really colorful walls in our studio. I ended up going with white vinyl for my letters so, once again, they would go well with the walls in our studio. You could go with your two favorite colors for your felt and vinyl to create customized pennant to match your craft room.

In case you missed it, our Creative Team Member, Katie, created an adorable pennant using felt letters, instead of vinyl. You can check out her tutorial here!

What quote would you put on your pennant?

Here's what you'll need:

  • Dowel Rod (36 Inches Long)
  • Felt
  • Iron-On Adhesive Vinyl
  • Silhouette
  • Baker's Twine
  • Glue Gun and Glue
  • Scissors
  • Paint Brush
  • Acrylic Paint

Let's get crafty!

Start by painting the ends of your dowel rod. You don't have to paint your entire rod since your felt will cover most of it. I went in about 5 inches. You just want to make sure you paint the part that will not be covered by felt.

Decided on the length and width of your pennant. I went with 27 inches wide and 33.5 inches long. Once you decide on a size, cut your felt down.

Go ahead and heat up your glue gun. While it's heating up, fold the two bottom corners of your felt inward, forming a point at the bottom of your pennant.

Add glue to your felt, securing the points you just made at the bottom of your pennant.

Fold the top of your felt pennant over about an inch and a half. You will add glue to just the end of your felt, forming a loop. You don't want to glue the entire fold down, because this is where your dowel rod will go.

Next, select your font type. I used the font Mixed Cutouts. I used the Silhouette to cut out my 4 inch letters. You will want to measure your felt to find the best size. You don't want your letters too big or too small. You will follow the instructions on the back of the vinyl adhesive package when cutting out your letters.

After you cut out your letters, you will peel the backing off, leaving just the letters stuck to the sticky sheet.

Lay your felt out and arrange your words. Once you have your words arranged, it's time to grab your iron. You will follow the ironing directions on the back of your vinyl package.

You will lift up your words and give the felt some pressure from your iron to warm the surface up a bit. After it is warm, begin ironing over your word.

After you iron the front side, you will flip your pennant over and iron the back of your felt. This will help secure your letters to your felt.

After you are done ironing, let your fabric cool. Once your fabric is cool. remove the clear film from on top of your letters. Continue this process with your other words.

Wrap your baker's twine around your dowel rod three times and then tie a knot. After you decide how long you want your pennant to be, wrap your baker's twine around your other dowel rod three times and then tie a knot.

After you have tied both of your strings to your dowel rod, hang your pennant up and tell the world what you really think! :)