Copper Snowflakes Christmas Decorations

Posted by Francesca

I used these tin snips to cut through the metal sheet (but I’ve heard that Tim Holtz / Sizzix Die cutters can cut through thin metal sheet as well and they easily cut through with hardly any pressure! This project is ideal for hanging in windows (or other high up places away from little fingers) reflecting the twinkle of Christmas lights and bringing festive cheer both inside and out.

Here's what you'll need:

  • MD Metal Sheet Copper
  • MD Metal Hole Punch
  • MD Metal Hobby Shears
  • Pepperell Hemp Cord
  • Snowflake Template

Take your snowflake template and place it in the corner of your metal sheet. Let the edges of the template touch the edges of the sheet, but be careful not to go over them.

Holding the template firmly in place draw around the snowflake onto the copper using a pencil.

Take the template off the copper sheet and using your snips slowly cut out the snowflake following the lines. You may need to bend the metal to reach some parts of the snowflake. Wearing protective gloves carefully bend the metal no more than around 45 degrees to position the snips in place.

Once you have completed the snowflake gently hammer all over to flatten back into shape and strengthen the metal. If you have any particularly sharp edges then smooth them down using a metal file.

Punch a hole in the metal and thread your hemp cord through tying the ends of the cord together in a knot.

Hang up high on a wall or window for full effect.