Clear Vase Makeover

Posted by Meghan Quinones

Somehow I have managed to collect an insane amount of clear vases. You know, the ones you get when your thoughtful husband sends you flowers whether to say "I love you" or "So, I may have messed up..."? I always feel bad throwing these away, so instead I hoard them in a kitchen cabinet. Who doesn't, right?

With a gentle nudge from my husband, I was finally forced to either reuse my vases or part with them. Naturally, I landed on the decision to 'reuse' (we all know I can't pass up an excuse to make something!). I grabbed one of my smaller clear vases and took a look at it to figure out what I wanted to do. I new I had the Crafter's Companion Lace Die and some white adhesive vinyl in my stash. In my opinion, these two items were a match made in heaven and perfect for my vase! Check out how easy it was to save one of my clear vases from, gasp, ending up in the garbage!

P.S. Wouldn't this be a great project for wedding centerpieces using all of those flowers vases your fiance gave you throughout the years? ;)

Here's what you'll need:

  • Clear Vase
  • White Vinyl Adhesive
  • Crafter's Companion Cottage Lace Die
  • Scissors
  • Poking Tool

Cut your vinyl so it is a little bigger than your die.

Run your die and vinyl through your die-cutting machine.

Cut the excess vinyl off. You want to cut as close as you can to the top of your lace design. Use your poking tool to remove any excess pieces.

Center your lace die over the front of your vase. Place it on your vase and smooth it down with your hands.

Since my was vase was wider than my die cut, I had to cut another piece of lace vinyl to completely wrap my vase in vinyl. After I created my die cut I lined up the end of my vinyl with the first piece I placed on my vase, connecting the two. I then wrapped the extra vinyl around until it connected with the other end of my vinyl. I trimmed the excess off. This step will vary depending on the size (and shape) of your vase.

I ended up adding another piece of lace vinyl to my vase. I just repeated Steps 1-5.