Christmas Craft for Kids: Rudolph the Reindeer Spoon Puppet

Posted by Andreja Vucajnk
Ready to throw a jolly puppet show? Learn how to make this easy Christmas craft for kids: a simple Rudolph the reindeer spoon puppet!.

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Let's put on a festive puppet show! Today we are showing you how to make an easy Christmas craft for kids: a Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer spoon puppet. This will kick start your imagination to create even more festive characters! These are insanely easy to make and you'll have a set of puppets in no time.

Supplies for this easy Christmas craft for kids:

Paint the wooden spoons with brown paint. Depending on the paint you are using you might need to do more than one layer. Let the paint dry completely before you continue with making your little puppet. While you are waiting for the paint to dry you can cut antlers out of construction paper.

Once the paint is dry enough it's time to start decorating. First glue on two wiggle eyes stickers onto the head of the spoon. Next add a drop of white school glue just under the eyes (centred in the middle) and press a red pom pom on to the glue (do make sure the glue is completely dry before the puppets are played with as the pom poms have a tendency to fall off otherwise). Draw mouth with a black marker. I think this reindeer deserves a big nice smile!

Add a drop of glue to the bottom of the antlers and glue them on the back of the spoon head. Let the glue dry completely.

The silly little reindeer puppet is ready for the show. You can easily make regular reindeer by using brown pom poms and other festive characters by using your imagination.

We hope you enjoyed this easy Christmas craft for kids! Let us know in the comments if you decide to make these with your little reindeer!