Chalk Painted Clock

Posted by Morena Hockley

I love to repurpose old items, especially when I can use them to recreate a designer look for much less! I used a thrift store clock and Chalky Finish paint to make an alarm clock that was inspired by this Anthropologie piece.

I find these old fashioned alarm clocks at thrift stores all the time, and they never cost more than $3. I hoard collect them, because I love the retro styling and how easy these clocks are to alter. For this project, I only needed paint to create my Anthro inspired clock.

I used Chalky Finish Paint for this project because it is so easy to use! No priming or sanding needed. Just paint it! I also like that you can mix different colors to create the perfect finish for your project. DecoArt has a chart here that I like to refer to, and you can always mix your own colors, too.

Here's what you'll need:

Let's get crafty!

Wipe down the clock to remove dust and dirt. Cover the face with tape.

Mix the paint to match the Anthroplogie clock. I mixed equal parts Everlasting and Treasure.

Paint the clock. To diminish brush marks, use a soft bristled brush, and dampen it before adding paint. Once the first application is dry, add a second layer of paint.

Since it's a clock and will be handled a lot, it's best to seal the paint. I used Americana Varnish. Brush it on and then polish with a soft cloth.

I love my new alarm clock! I turned something old into something new with just a little paint. Why buy it when you can make your own?

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