Centerpiece made with Tim Holtz Fabric and Embellishments

Posted by Morena Hockley

One thing I love about Tim Holtz's line of products is that they all go together so perfectly. You can also use alcohol inks to give all the embellishments the perfect hue that you're looking for. I put several pieces together to create this eclectic centerpiece.


  • Eclectic Elements-Tim Holtz 10"X10" Charm Pack 8pcs-Labels
  • Advantus - Tim Holtz Ideaology - Pen Nibs
  • Advantus - Tim Holtz - Ideaology - Linen Ribbon - 10 yards
  • Advantus - Tim Holtz - Ideaology - Mirrored Stars
  • Advantus - Tim Holtz - Ideaology - Advantus - Foliage
  • Phoomph
  • Alcohol Inks
  • Craft Razor

Trace a circle onto the Phoomph backing. Find the center and measure a two inch strip in the center (see image). Carefully use a craft razor to score the Phoomph. Only cut the top layer, not all the way through.

Cover the Phoomph with Tim Holtz Fabric and trim. Fold into place and punch holes at the top for the ribbon.

Use alcohol inks to color the embellishments. Drop some ink then spritz with water to activate it.

Glue the embellishments onto the centerpiece and add flowers.

This centerpiece is perfect for my writing desk. It adds just the pop of color and nostalgia that I love! Have fun crafting and creating with Tim Holtz's ideology line.