Celebrate National Embroidery Month

Posted by Meghan Quinones

Did you know February is National Embroidery Month? That's right this entire month is dedicated to all things embroidery!

Now, some of you may think embroidery is only done using fabric and embroidery hoops, but that is not the case! Embroidery has come a long way and is now wearable, portable, and a way to decorate most of your home decor items. You can get started with basic embroidery stitches to create many of the projects below. I don't know about you, but I am seriously in love with the baby blanket. This blanket has been skyrocketed to the next level with the addition of tassels and bright stitching. In case you were wondering, this cream colored blanket was purchased from Ikea for around $12 (such a great deal!).

Now that I have compiled a list of doable projects for you, it's time to get your embroidery on! What project(s) will you make?

1. DIY Floral Embroidered Top via A Beautiful Mess | 2. Embroidered Notebooks via How Did You Make This | 3. Embroidered Wood Necklace via Dear Handmade Life | 4. Easy Embroidered Coin Purse via Flamingo Toes | 5. Embroidered Family Photo Portraits via The Glamorous Housewife | 6. Embroidered Dish Towels via Blitsy | 7. Embroidered Cloud and Rainbow Pillow via Blitsy | 8. Embroidered State via Do Small Things With Love | 9. DIY Tassel Blanket via Tell Love and Chocolate | 10. Ornate Frame Pin Cushion via Beach Vintage