Build and Design Your Own Pen Holder!

Posted by Meghan Quinones

If your marker collection has gotten out of control, you need this Kaisercraft Beyond The Page Marker & Pen Holder!

The Kaisercraft Pen Marker and Pen Holder comes with all of the raw wood pieces needed to build your very own marker holder. The storage even comes with a drawer and a cubby in the back so you can store all of your other craft supplies. Since this comes as plain wood, you can paint it, spray it, or Mod Podge it!

I painted my wood pieces a bright pink and added black and white striped paper to the outside. To finish my storage container, I cut out pretty flowers and Mod Podged them on top of my striped paper. When I was finished, I added my markers, color wash spray, washi tape, glitter, and scissors to my new storage container!

Here's what you'll need:

- BTP Kaisercraft Pen Holder

- Craft Glue

- Mod Podge

- Patterned Scrapbook Paper

- Scissors

- Paint

- Paint Brush

- Pencil

Let's get crafty!

Step 1: Paint all sides of your wooden pieces (you can leave the sides of your wood that won't be seen unpainted).

Step 2: Once your paint is dry, lay one end-piece on it's side with the straight end facing you. Then, place the long thin piece of wood into the notch farthest from you. You will add glue to all of the pieces you are connecting.

Step 3: Take the other narrow rectangular piece and line it up with the other open notch on your side piece. Then, take your other side piece and snap it into place with the straight edge facing you.

Step 4: Flip your organizer over and lay your bottom piece on.

Step 5: Grab the piece of wood that has multiple slats in it. Put glue on all of the ends of the smallest wood pieces, and place them in all of the slats.

Step 6: Flip your organizer so it right side up. Take your slatted piece of wood and turn it upside down, lining up all of the wood slats with the notches in your organizer.

Step 7: Glue all four corners of your drawer together.

Step 8: Finally, glue the last piece of wood to the back of your organizer. I traced the sides, top, back of my organizer, and the front of the drawer onto my striped paper. I cut out all of my pieces and Mod Podged them to my organizer. I then cut out all of my flowers and Mod Podged them on top of my striped paper. I went over my entire organizer with Mod Podge. That's it! Now, all you have to do it fill it up!