Blitsy Partners With the Shedd Aquarium for Their Annual Gala

Posted by Meghan Quinones
Check out our metamorphosis backdrop for the Shedd Aquarium's Annual gala--all made out of paper!

Last week we had amphibians on our minds! We were asked by the Shedd Aquarium to create a backdrop for their Fund A Friend at their annual gala. We were so excited to be part of this event and showcase some of the awesome products we sell at Blitsy in our amphibian-focused backdrop.

We immediately began brainstorming after we left our meeting at the Shedd. We knew we wanted to keep with the gala's theme of "Metamorphosis." The first idea that came to mind was to use pallets as the base of our backdrop. We have access to unlimited pallets in our warehouse, so why not use them? The pallets were a little dirty and a lighter wood. To make the pallets feel more like "trees," we started with a dark walnut colored stain. Our pallets looked SO much better after they were stained.

The next step in our design process was to cut out as many leafy greens as possible along with some friendly frogs and salamanders. Our Silhouette has never seen so much action! I had no idea the Silhouette was so AMAZING (thank you, Claudia!). Let's just say the process would have taken much longer if you had cut everything by hand!

The Fund A Friend booth had a photo booth for donors to take pictures of themselves. Well, you can't have a photo booth without props! In keeping with the amphibian theme, we cut out frog faces, salamander faces, and fun extras like tops hats and bow ties. Our props fit perfectly with our backdrop!

Our initial thought was to have the pallets stacked two on top of two, to give us some good height. When we assembled our pallets at the Shedd, we found out they were too top heavy and could possibly tip over (we did not want that to happen!). So, we redirected our vision and turned the pallets on their side. This idea worked out great! It made our pallets look like trees!

We started adding our letters and leaves.

To create our vines, we used kraft wrapping paper. All we did was tightly roll our paper and staple on green paper leaves.

We also spray painted clear vases with gold spray paint , added paper, a ribbon, and our Blitsy logo so guests would know we created the booth. We added tropical flowers and greens to our vases.

We had so much fun creating the backdrop for the Shedd gala and it was so fun to see it come to life!