Bling Embellished Frame

Posted by Meghan Quinones

I have used gesso before and wanted to try and incorporate it into another one of my projects. As I looked through some of the supplies in our craftroom, I saw we still had a few frames left from one of our Crafternoons. I started with a plain wooden frame and added gesso to the top of it. To really pop out the texture, I sprayed a layer of gold metallic spray paint on top of my frame. After I sprayed it, I thought the result looked almost like a foil. To add some bling, I glued Jolee's bling stickers to my frame. In my opinion, bling is always better!

I love being able to transform plain objects into works of art with very little effort. My Jolee's bling stickers definitely made this transformation an easy one! How would you use your bling stickers?

Here's what you'll need:

Let's get crafty!

Start painting your frame with gesso. Use your paint brush to create texture.

Once the first layer of gesso is dry, add a second coat to your frame.

Spray the top and sides of your frame with gold spray paint.

Begin gluing your stickers to the corner of your frame. I added glue to make sure they stayed secured to my frame.

Continue adding your stickers to the corners of your frame. Them add small stickers around the inner part of your frame.