Bible Journaling Art with Color Bursts

Posted by Lori Williams
Create beautiful bible journaling art using Ken Oliver's Color Bursts. These colors will brighten up any page!

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It's always fun to explore new techniques and products and today I'm taking the plunge and using Ken Oliver's Color Bursts for my Bible journaling art. I'll help you discover what to expect when using Color Burst in your Bible and some tips to help you get the look you want to achieve. The finished page is fun and colorful, maybe not my normal style, but it's always fun to step out of our comfort zone and play with fun mediums.

First thing I like to do is layer my Ken Oliver Craft Mat under my page I'll be working on. This helps protect the rest of the Bible from getting messy.

Paint your page with Clear Gesso. I don't like for the color to bleed through to the other page, but if you don't mind this you could skip this step. Once you've painted the entire page you can either leave it alone to dry or speed it along with a heat gun.

Lay a stencil over your page and start tap, tap, tapping your Color Burst colors. Remember you don't want to squeeze the color out, just tap. This stuff is really intense in color a little dab will do ya.

Let the magic begin, spritz the page with water. Let it set just a minute and then soak up the excess water with a roll of paper towels.

You can use a heat gun to be sure the color is dry and set.

I lined my stencil back up and traced along with some paint pens to really make the rays pop out. I also then added my journaling with a paint pen.

Lastly I added a cross with mask/stencil to the center.

Here is a finished picture of my page. So some of the things I learned from doing this. With the gesso and the light pages of the Bible your pigments won't soak up as much as water color paper(it really has nowhere to absorb up, lol). So you'll have color but it may not be quite as intense as it would be on other paper. Also be ready to flow with what the colors wants to do. If you are looking for a controlled look, this might not be the project for you but if you want to really just experiment this is a ton of fun. To me it reminds me of what happens in our lives...we just have to go with the flow and make it pretty. The good news is Color Burst make that least in bible journaling art.