Add Some Character to Your Keys!

Posted by Meghan Quinones

I would say I waste approximately 5 minutes of my life (every single day) trying to figure out the correct key for the locks at my house. You would think having lived in my house for almost a year that I would know the different keys for my house by heart. Well, I don't. I know I could go to my local hardware store and grab one of those plastic doohickies to put over each key to differentiate them from one another, but those are just not cute.

My revelation came the other night when I was, once again, struggling to find the proper key for my back door. I thought, "Why not embellish my key so each one is different?!". I figured I would add some cute papers and embellishments to my key so they are not only functional, but also cute! The secret to this project is Mod Podge Dimensional Magic. I have used this product before with pendants as well as to create faux buttons. This product is AMAZING! It creates a nice firm seal over your project and works really well with the Mod Podge Charms.

How would you decorate your keys?

Here's what you'll need:

Let's get crafty!

You first want to put your key inside of your lock to see how far it goes in (you do not want to embellish too far down!). Once your know how far down you can decorate, place your key on your paper and trace around it.

Cut our your paper. Use your craft knife to cut out the hole in the key.

Put a layer of Mod Podge on the top part of your key and place your paper cut-on top. Press down on your paper to make sure it adheres to your key.

Arrange your embellishments on your key.

Add your charm.

Add a layer of Mod Podge Dimensional Magic, covering your entire key.

Some things to know about Dimensional Magic...

- Do not shake the bottle, it will create bubbles

- Tap the tip of the bottle on a table to remove any bubbles

- The formula is super thick, which means it will go on pretty thick. Try not to add too much to your project.

- When wet, the Dimensional Magic will be set pretty high and be a bit cloudy. Once it dries, it will lower and will be clear.